Saturday, August 11, 2012

Career Options

Nugget:  When me and Spork and Tater are grown-ups, maybe we can be castrators.
Me: ....  (notices he is holding play money) Do you mean cashiers?
N:  Yes!

Grammy and Grandpa's big birthday gift to the boys was a swingset.  As you can see, all 3 love it, and our backyard time has doubled.  To prep for it, we had to hire a landscaper to level the area with sand.  Despite that, we kept it a secret from the Nugget, explaining only that he was going to have a special birthday surprise planted there, and that he needed to keep the ground safe for the planting.  He has lovingly watered the sand patch and vigilantly shooed babies and animals away from it.  The installers finally arrived, and the Nugget watched them out the window.  We recorded him making a series of guesses.
1.  They are making me a corn field!  And I can pick my own corn when it is ready!  (The best part was that he was so excited about a birthday corn field.  FFA, here he comes.)
2.  It's not a corn field, it's a giant box!
3.  Wow!  I don't know what that is.
4.  I think it's balloons.
5.  A treehouse!  (Close enough, Nugget.)

In other news, I cleaned the Nugget's ears, and Spork threw a 40 minute tantrum about not being given the cleaned-out earwax.  I kid you not, no amount of toys, music, or raspberries on his tum could distract him from the object of his desire, which I snuck to the trash can while he lay screaming red-faced on the floor.  I know, Spork, I am the meanest mama ever.  Sorry.  Luckily, he also gives awesome grins like the one pictured above, such is the balance of life.  Or as Hubby says, "They are cute for a reason."

Tater is sitting on her own now and creeping on her belly.  She wants to crawl but up on her tiptoes like my little sister did.  This method makes for some really terrific face plants.

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