Saturday, August 18, 2012

Corn Fest 2012

Last weekend, we loaded up the car to head to our favorite local farm for their Sweet Corn Festival.  It was an overcast and cool day, a rarity for August in these parts.  We've had one hot and early summer, and autumn is my favorite season, so no complaints here!

Spork loved the freedom of being able to wander about the farm on his own two feet.  His little sneakers and bum quickly became damp with dew, but it did not phase our intrepid explorer.

 Assessing the grounds.

 Meeting the natives.

 Contemplating the architecture.

 Taking the farm trike out for a spin.

The Nugget, a practiced professional at these sort of events, kindly introduced the babies to the farm, pointed out the assorted attractions, then made a beeline for the pedal cars.  He ran from the child-sized cars to the adult cars and back again at least a dozen times in the hour and a half we were there.


 Adult-sized.  Should I be alarmed that the 5yo Nugget can ride an adult-sized pedal car?




I forgot to take a Tater toes picture, but she was there and content to view the action from the comfort of her spot in the Ergo.

The Nugget always wants to move into the farm house in lieu of leaving.  Spork seemed to agree with his sentiments as he threw a mighty fit when we loaded the kidlets back up and headed for home.  We're looking forward to another trip here for the pumpkin patch.  

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