Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School

Because of the Nugget's July birthday, we are able to give him one more year of preschool.  It was a tough decision, but we are very sure it was the right move for him.  Yesterday didn't feel like such a big deal, but today as I uploaded these three pictures, I realized this completes his preschool first day of school trifecta, and the tears started welling up.

 2010: To the 3's room!

 2011: To the 4's room!

2012: To the 4/5's room!

And my OCD side hates that I couldn't close the front door for this shot, but an anxious and tearful Spork was on the inside, so I couldn't do it for the sake of the photo consistency....but still...ok, letting it go now.  OMG, his little skinny legs and giant feet are killing me!

This year, the Nugget takes both breakfast and lunch at school.  He is a pretty good eater, I would dare to say he is less fussy about his food than the average 5yo, but there are still things and combinations that he won't touch at home.  I am hoping that eating with his peers will encourage him to try new foods, and yesterday he reported that he ate his "peas and soft carrots all up"!  

Although the majority of his classmates from last year moved to K, he has a handful of summer/fall birthday classmates - at least 6 - who also took that extra preschool year with him.  The Nugget is great at making new friends, and I can't wait to see his friendships grow and change throughout the year.  

Again, he declined gymnastics and opted for dance as his extracurricular.  He says he doesn't need his headphones for the toilets at school anymore - hooray!

We are so proud of you and love you so much, our dear Nugget.  It's tough being the oldest, but you are blazing an awesome trail.  Wishing you a wonderful, fun, exciting school year of learning and friendship!

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