Thursday, August 30, 2012

Teeter Tot-ter

I've been in denial about it for some time now, but Tater Tot is officially mobile.  First it was an easy-to-ignore slow roll and pivot, then a creeping army crawl, then on hands and tip-toes.  Now she is agile on all fours and eager to try this pulling-up business.  She teeters precariously with her determined dimpled arms straining and her legs just not quite strong enough to lift her tiny body upwards.  She crashes, cries for a moment, then tries again.  While it's human nature to wish your youngest child to please slow down, I am also so proud of her and glad to see her progress.  She was so tiny at birth, that the doctors didn't know if she'd have major developmental delays.  While of course we'd love her and support her no matter her challenges, every milestone is a triumph for her.  I told Hubby when we brought her home that this tiny little peaceful bird looked frail but was really mighty.

Tater is plucky, more independent than the boys, ever cheerful, and a little bit sneaky.  She'll fool you into thinking she's this placid Buddha, then quick as a flash, she is knocking over your drink and grabbing a fistful of your food with an impish twinkle in her eye.  If Spork is a reincarnated beaver and the Nugget is the spirit of Will Ferrell, then Tater is the reincarnation of a tiny monk, the kind who is always smiling, as if wisdom and humor were intertwined.  She adores her big brothers...she wants to follow Spork wherever he leads, and she and the Nugget could easily put together a comedy act.  I've already (only half-jokingly) said multiple times, "Nugget and Tater, do I need to separate you two?!"  Two kiddos will have to share bedrooms eventually - the Nugget is lobbying for Tater Tot as his roomie...there would be peace, but I'm not sure how much sleeping.  At almost 9 months old, she's finally going into the 6-9 month sizes, and her toes come to the very end of her 0-6 month shoes.  She has grown sweet dimples on her elbows and knees, round kissable cheeks, and you can see tight beautiful corkscrew curls developing in her hair.  When wet, it falls past her shoulders.

As the Nugget adjusts to his new school year, the babies are adjusting too.  Nugget-less mornings mean that they are starting to notice each other more, and their own relationship is growing.  When they play on the floor, they gravitate towards each other immediately.  It's very fun to watch them in parallel play, but they also initiate contact with each other, and not always to just grab the toy the other baby has (although that's a big part of their day).  Spork pats her gently on the head, Tater attempts to tackle him from behind.  They exchange smiles, giggles, and drooly toys.  I say this so much, but it's a wonder, it's magical, there are 3 little souls entrusted to us, and I am in total awe of them.


  1. I absolutely love reading your updates of your kids. The love you have from them comes shining through. It makes me want to fly out there just so I can meet your kids! Keep it up. :)

  2. ...and, as usual....I am in awe of you! You are so amazing and the five of you are such a wonderfully lucky bunch to have each other!
    Much love!
    B ":o)