Sunday, September 16, 2012

A few of Spork's Favorite Things

Spork loves to read.  He often toddles over with book in hand, and if I don't notice, he will physically grab my hand, flip it palm up, and place the book inside.  He's oh-so-subtle!  I am usually more than happy to oblige.  On those times when I can't join him, he is sometimes content to just find a comfy spot to lean back and relax with his reading material.  He's even getting good at flipping the pages of a board book all by himself.  We are boldly letting him experiment with holding paper books too since he is surprisingly gentle with the pages, although it's always a nail-biting situation for the Nugget.  "Don't rip my book, Spork!  Oh no, he's bending it!"

The patented Spork lean.

Here, Spork practices for his next airport experience.  He drags this suitcase all over the house.  Any push/pull toys are well-loved at the moment.

And when he gets tired of that, he whips up a simple lunch.  Spork loves to stir.

But most of all, Spork loves to get wet.  Here he is, enjoying what was probably the last trip to the splash pad for the season.  Unlike the Nugget, who had to be cajoled and tricked into touching the water spray before he realized it was fun, Spork headed straight for the sprinklers before I even had him changed into his swimmies, and whined the whole time I changed him, straining to get to his beloved water.  He made a bee line there, stomping and splashing for well over an hour.  He didn't want or need me to hold his hand this time, proud to be able to play by himself.

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