Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Guinea Pig Who Bit Me

About 5 minutes after tuck-in tonight, the Nugget stomped to the top of the stairs and hurtled his stuffed guinea pig down the stairwell.  I opened the door to remind him 1.) we don't throw toys and 2.) it's time to be in bed, but before I could get a word out, the Nugget declared, "That guinea pig bit me, and I don't want him in my room anymore."

The Nugget has taken to authoring short stories while swinging in the backyard.  I guess the rhythmic back and forth inspires great ideas.  I really need to get a handheld tape recorder so I can capture some of these beauts, but they've included tales about talking dogs, Superman, storms, unicorns, and CRJ200s.  The funniest part is that he doesn't take credit for his work, he starts each one by saying, "This is a story by Leo Leonni.  Illustrated by Leo Leonni.  And read by Leo Leonni."

He also tells short stories about his school days.  "Today was a bad day for me, because D threw sand in my eye, then I got so so mad, and then he pulled out this huge (spreads his arms for effect) needle and jabbed it right into my leg!"  I have confirmed with the Nugget's teachers that these daily dramatic playground altercations are happening in the Nugget's mind, not so much in the world of reality.

While husking corn, the Nugget nonchalantly mentioned, "This one is very impressive."  I had to clarify, "Are you talking about the ear of corn?"  N:  "Yes, it is very big and impressive."

The scene - Spork waddles in the room clutching a plastic toy fork.
Grandpa:  What are you doing with that fork, sir?
Nugget:  Grandpa, his name is Spork.

Other Nugget updates:
-The Nugget is completely independent on his big boy bike now.  He can start, stop, and turn without adult assistance.  He is bearing some scabs of honor, and I buy band-aids every month (for which he finally begs instead of flees).
-The Nugget has discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, thanks to Aunt E and cousin A, and he will be ready for Brony-Con 2013.  Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are his favorites.
-The Nugget can swing absurdly high (see above), and he's starting to jump off the swing.  I have really fond memories of my brother and I jumping off swings in our backyard, so I don't stop him.
-The Nugget enjoyed watching bits of the Olympics, and his favorite was Synchronized Women's Platform Diving.  Not men's.  Not springboard.  Not solo diving.  "Mommy, I want Synchronized Platform Diving with Girls!"

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