Friday, September 21, 2012


Have you ever noticed that babies have their own scent?  I don't mean that new-baby smell of a newborn, or the lingering aroma of lotion or soap, but the child's very own musk.  The Nugget smelled like cookie dough or sometimes maple syrup.  Spork smells like balsamic vinegar.  Tater used to smell like peaches, but now she smells like a fresh-baked waffle cone.

I can't wait to sniff our new baby nephew, aka Baby Bean!  Cabbage's baby bro debuted on our 10th anniversary, what an amazing gift, a new nephew to love.  And sorry, Nugget, but his name is not Elliott.  Oh, how I wish I could beam myself west so I could give this little newcomer a cuddle!  Counting down the days until Christmas.

Congrats to Uncle J, Aunt K, and big sister Cabbage!

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