Sunday, October 7, 2012

10-4, good buddy

October 4 marked a year from when our lives changed for the better, when my heart was irrevocably opened to something scary and amazing.  It was the the chilly morning I frantically pulled flannel blankets and long sleeved onesies from storage, the day the Nugget and I crammed into the car with the infant car seat, the suddenly hot and sunny afternoon we met a wide-eyed little boy who had no idea what was happening or why he was coming home with a nervous woman and a giddy four year old.

It was the day Noodle came careening into our lives, his round fuzzy cue ball head and squeal-y peals of laughter forever engrained in my mind's eye.  Now he's older than Spork, and what happened here just a year ago seems so distant yet...not.  The pain of saying goodbye has morphed into a happy peace of knowing he's in good hands and thankfulness that we get to see pictures of him growing healthy and happy.

Our family has changed so much since he graced us with his presence.  His stay here was the start of something awesome - the start of his new life and the start of ours, we just didn't know it yet.

10-4, Good Buddy.  We will always love you.  Over and out.

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