Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We've been waiting all month for a sunny weekend day for the pumpkin patch, and Sunday was it!  It seemed like every other family in the area was thinking the same thing - our favorite family farm had a full parking lot and a line at the ticket booth to match.  Despite the Nugget's frustration at having to wait in multiple lines for the activities he can typically just do when he feels like it, we had a great time.

Holy moly, did we have to stage Spork's pictures though.  Beavs was not at all interested in hanging out with the pumpkins.

 Spork at the line of scrimmage.

The pumpkins might be winning.

Spork gets his nose and chin from his Mumsie.

The Nugget was willing to be photographed this time, even with real smiles!  The pumpkin patch was a great distraction while Daddy waited in line for tickets.


 The Nugget hemmed and hawed over the perfect pumpkins for himself and his sibs.

But that's nothing new...the Nugget in 2008 (at Spork's current age).

Our bounty from Tater's perspective.

Hayride with Mommy.  A visual of why at least a half dozen random strangers chuckle, "You have your hands full," when I'm out with the trio.  Makes me wonder how the kids' Great-Grandma did it with 6.

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