Thursday, October 18, 2012

This one time, at band rehearsal....

As if autumn isn't awesome enough, it also brings with it the free entertainment of the marching band rehearsal.  Families and fans flock to an empty parking lot lined with port-a-potties, and wait in the chilly afternoon for it to be transformed by the arrival of dozens of talented student musicians.  The sections come proudly decked out in matching shirts and as it gets colder, some sport creative legwear - crazy tights and wild knee socks.  They are all business until the conductor calls for a break, then you can see their shoulders drop, and they flirt, laugh, and chat (I love watching college students, it's a little like a nature documentary, they are so focused on finding a "mate," even if they don't realize it.)  

The beat of drums, the trill of piccolos, and the clatter of cymbals fill our ears, and the crisp air and scent of fallen leaves fill our noses, and the children's feet can't help but tap, spin, dance, and stomp.  It's the perfect kick off to a weekend.  Despite that we're halfway through the season, it was the babies' first rehearsal - too cold and rainy the other Friday nights, but last Friday delivered.

Tater loved waiting and watching the spectacle until the drums surprised her.  The Ergo saved the day.

 Spork practiced his bubble blowing, and waddled around the lot like he owned the place.

The Nugget was a perpetual movement machine, spinning with the pinwheel he borrowed from Tater, shaking the pom poms (pom pons?), and conducting.

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