Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

As we race through our first calendar year with the babies, there are so many fun firsts!  Experienced another one yesterday - first Trunk or Treat.  The beaver and octo costumes were made by the talented Grammy, of course.  Tater is the lucky recipient of 2 special hand-me down costumes - a fluffy pumpkin from W and a Dorothy dress (also made by Grammy) from Cabbage; luckily she will have plenty of opportunity to wear both.


Spork's Mumsie and her friend J were able to join us for the weekend, so the Beaver had multiple "handlers" to keep him from playing in the traffic.  He munched mum-mums, Pirate Booty, and a cereal bar, but we were successfully able to keep him candy-free this year, which means that next year, he'll have another "first" when he learns that Halloween is really about chocolates!

Octopus on a truck.  

Have you noticed that the Nugget always makes silly faces in pictures now?  I love it; it truly captures his personality...and it'll make for a helluva funny slideshow when he graduates from high school and/or gets married.

 Octo with his stash.  This was the largest Trunk or Treat group we've had to date, so the buckets flowethed over.

Pumpkin feet.

Tater hung out with me and passed out Pirate Booty for the kids and mum-mums for the babies.  As fun as it is having upright walking/running boys, I am treasuring these last times I will have a little soft and sweet tag-a-long baby.

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