Saturday, November 10, 2012


As another one of Hubby's business trips draws thankfully to a close, I wanted to give some blog love to the following establishments that pitch in to help an outnumbered mama rather than shirk in horror.  I'm not sure if these chains are typically kind to single parents trying to feed a brood or if the kindness is random luck depending on which employees are working that shift, but my hope is that it's an overarching chain philosophy so that others can benefit.

1.  Penn Station - not only are they delicious, but I can easily fit the double stroller through the door and park it.  They don't yell at me for using both of their highchairs, and the nice line cooks even sliced up Spork's cheese bread for me.

2.  Einstein Bagels - our location is less than stroller friendly, but a thumbs up for the kind cashier who brought the food to the table instead of calling me to pick it up.  She even brought extra napkins!

My own tips:
1.  I come prepared like a military operation, with jobs for the Nugget and baby equipment galore.
2.  I try to foster good karma by wiping down highchairs and returning them to their rightful spots, picking up all the thrown Cheerios at the end of the meal, etc.
3.  I try to feed the kids early before the dinner rush, and with all the bags and a non-walking baby, I try to choose cafeteria style restaurants where I can fit my stroller inside without blocking the traffic flow.
Most of all, I'm thankful for our neighbor girl, E, who is the world's best mother's helper!

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