Monday, November 26, 2012

Stockings 2012

Ooo, it's time to stock up on trinkets!

Here's what St. Nick has in mind for the trio, plus sneaky ways to save, feel free to steal ideas or leave your own!  At our house, St. Nick aims to put fewer, nicer and practical things in the stockings...but occasionally breaks down and binges at the Dollar Spot - d'oh!  These will be rounded out with edibles - a few chocolates for the big boy, but also quasi-healthy snacks like yogurt raisins, animal crackers, fruit snacks, etc.

-Chocolate milk straws - leftover from party favors
-Stainless steel spork!
-Jacks from the Target dollar spot
-Bumkins snack bag - bought as a 2-pack from

-Kids' flatware from IKEA
-Guiro from the Hape Rhythm Set - purchased for 30% off on with coupon code YOYO30 for first-time shoppers.
-The other Bumkins snack bag.

Tater Tot
-Same flatware as Spork
-The clacker from the Hape Rhythm Set
-Bumkins sleeved bibs - also purchased on sale at babysteals

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