Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Hope your Christmas was merry.  Santa came early to our house, then we hit the road for Grammy and Grandpa's house.  Got the official word that Tater Tot still can't be visual blog fodder until finalization (which kills me because she takes the funniest pictures that I just can't share yet).  Rest assured, she was there and smiley.

 The Nugget tries out a new toy.

 The boys having a typical moment.

 The Nugget and Cabbage deep into the Christmas melee.

 Baby Bean rocks his formalwear.

The Nugget and Cabbage (and Pinkie Pie) chilling on the Snuggler.  The Snuggler is an extra small loveseat/extra large chair that reclines and is covered with a safari print, which is pretty bizarre but ridiculously comfortable.

Anyway, what can I say?  Cousins reveled in each other's company, babies repeatedly went for breakables, chargers were left behind, too many cookies were eaten, the children were obscenely spoiled with was exhausting and wonderful.  We are happy to be home, sorting through piles to give away to Goodwill to make room for the new, buried under a mountain of laundry despite doing several loads in Grammy's laundry room.  The Nugget has cash money and a gift card eating a hole in his wallet, so probably this week he'll be off to spend those.

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