Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deck the Halls

The Nugget loves him some snow, and yesterday afternoon, the flakes fell fluffy and soft.  It wasn't the first snow of the year, but it was the first one that "stuck" or counts at all to a child.  The Nugget declared it, "A winter wonderland!"  Here are some more pictures of our holiday-ing, as Eloise (another kindred spirit to the Nugget) might say.  (Still waiting to find out if we can share pictures of Tater online, so for now, blog visuals are still boys-only.)

 Trimming the tree.

 "May I please cut the netting with the purple zizzors, and I'll be so careful.  Oh, this is just so much fun, I could cut this netting all day."

St. Nick came and besides the gift of a little sister forever, he also left the Nugget a whoopie cushion.  

After Tater Tot's birthday party this weekend, we took Grammy and Grandpa downtown for Santa, the trolley ride, chocolate, and cookie decorating.

 The Nugget shows off his finished cookie.

Spork makes a break for it.  

Spork enjoys the snow.  He does not, however, enjoy cold-weather accessories.  He immediately wiped out on the kitchen floor in his snow boots, and he abhors mittens.  Still, the sight of a chunky toddler in snow bibs is really top notch.  You can spy a bundled Tater in the background, enjoying her birthday sled.

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