Friday, January 11, 2013

Art Night

Last week, we pulled out the fingerpaints and let the kids get messy.  I don't always have the energy for this, but it's so rewarding when we make the time.  

For every fun thing we do, I want to admit that we have to let something go.  In this case, I didn't have Hubby's dinner ready when he walked in the door, but he was awarded with a Spork original painting for his office in return.

 The Nugget assists Spork with some helpful painting tips, such as how to paint your entire hand instead of the paper.

Spork the painter. 

 Tater Tot gets in on the action.

My tip for toddler painting - don't even bother with aprons or smocks, I just wait until it's just before bath time and strip them down to diapers only.  I ran the bath while they were still locked in the highchairs and plopped them directly in the tub.  This gave Spork the added bonus of wiping his painty handprints off the tub walls with a washcloth for extra fun.

Fresh, clean and robed for their gallery opening on the fridge.

Possibly one of the last Tater-on-all-fours photos that you'll see.  She's a FT walker now.

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