Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Big 'Ol Used Car Sale

Backstory:  When we lived in WA, there was a radio commercial that came on for several weeks a year.  The jingle went, "Come on down, say, come on down, to the big 'ol used car sale (repeat)."  Because I mindlessly sing to my children when I want them to do something, I started using this jingle to encourage Baby Nugget to come down the stairs on his own power.  I'd forgotten about it for years, but now that Spork can turn around and slide/bump backwards down the steps, I found myself singing it to him a couple months ago.  The Nugget immediately wanted to memorize the song, and now he sings it to Spork too.

We found ourselves trying to describe Venice to the Nugget recently, "There are no streets, just canals of water.  So people use boats instead of cars."  The Nugget paused and then asked earnestly, "So they don't have cars?  They don't have big 'ol used car sales?"
Another thing to add to the, "I never thought I'd say this to my kid" list.  Spork's favorite Christmas gift was a set of wooden slicing foods from Cabbage and Bean, so he's often wielding the play knife and presenting us with freshly sliced play produce.  Today he got a little creative with knife play and started drumming with it, then jabbing it around, until I heard Daddy firmly utter this gem, "Spork, we do NOT stab."

The Nugget, on wardrobe choices:
-"Today I will wear my snowshoe shirt, but tomorrow I will wear my fabulous airplane shirt."
-(heaving his stocking feet up on Daddy's chest) "Look, Daddy, my green socks are camouflaged on your green shirt!"

Spork's newest hair product of choice is whatever food is smeared on his hands at meal time.  He recommends squishing it between the palms before a generous application, then really working it through the curls with your fingers.  He can't vouch for the resulting hairstyle but this product does result in bath night 85% of the time, which is a great result if you happen to be a water baby.

Spork has a new dance, where he waddles wide-legged in place (reminiscent of a sumo wrestler preparing for battle), then finishes with some "I'm a maniac" running in place.  If the Nugget can channel Will Ferrell, Spork calls upon the late Chris Farley for sure.  To further support this claim, we have thrice witnessed him run full speed into the storm door.

Pictured: Spork in snowpants.  Has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but doesn't it make you smile?


  1. It's fun to think if Venice even has some used car lots, considering the fact that majority of the area has water. But I'm sure there's bound to be at least one.

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  5. Haha, for some reason this particular post has drawn my first spam comments! Removed 3 so far, curious how many more will come.

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