Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

 The Nugget handed out these to his classmates.  I have a serious Pinterest addiction!  The large bouncy balls are from the Target party section (in 12 packs).  Grammy picked up the small party favor bags from Pat Catan's, and I printed in red font on plain white cardstock.  The hardest part was finding that adorable font - here it is.

Our Valentine's family tradition is giving each child a love themed book and stuffing a mini mailbox full of goodies.  The mailboxes are from the Target dollar section, and I was very pleased to see an aqua/red option this year in addition to the red, pink, and white.

The Nugget:  Slugs in Love, stickers (bought on VDay clearance last year), pack of gum, lollipop
Spork:  Tucker's Valentine, cereal bar, stickers
Tater:  Love Bug, 3 pack of bibs

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