Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Spork last Easter

Late winter in the Midwest is such a tease.  A few days of 40's to make us pull out the spring jackets and rain boots, then it's back to snow and ice.  Happy to be stocking up Easter basket gifts, because it makes me feel like Spring will be here for real someday soon.  For the record, I'm ok with a slow warm-up...like so much in life, the wait makes it better ;)

Each basket this year is going to come out well under $15, and there are no "throwaways" here, but real things the kids will use to death.  I have one new shopping source for you (see Tater's list) but sorry to say that most of the items come from my weekly Target run.  As always, my motto is buy it on clearance and hoard it til you need it.  I've been keeping 2 plastic bags on my craft table for the Easter goodies and have been slowly adding to them throughout the year.

The Nugget (5.5 years):
-Triangle bought ages ago from the Dollar Spot
-Mini Lego set bought on Target post-Valentine's clearance (but it's a picnic set, not VDay related at all)
-Coloring book
-Long-coveted Fluttershy for my favorite Brony
-Gum, chocolates, individual bag of "Bunny Tails" cheese balls (Target clearance), and Annie's bunny fruit snacks

Spork (1.5 years):
-Mini broom and dustpan from the Dollar Spot
-Coloring book
-Egg shaped sidewalk chalk bought on clearance from last year
-No-spill bubble tumbler
-Teensy Fruits and bag of cheese balls

Tater (1 year):
-2 small plastic bento boxes
-Lobster purse won through Gymbo Lovers Auction Page for half this price.  And yes, this is more for Mama than Tater, I admit.
-No-spill bubble tumbler
-Elephant watering can from the Dollar Spot
-Teensy Fruits

Cabbage (2.5 years): playground set
Baby Bean (6 months): Inchbug labels

I almost listed Hubby's basket contents too but he reads this blog occasionally, so I better not.  Maybe I'll add a postscript after the fact, because I believe in adult goodies for holidays too!

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