Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

The Bunny.  I felt a little wishy-washy about the Bunny this year.  On one hand, I have an adorable picture of the Nugget with the Bunny as a baby.  (To clarify, only one of these bunnies is adorable.  The other, quite frankly, is frightening.)

On the other hand, some of those Bunnies are Donnie Darko-creepy, and I was about 98% sure that Spork would not approve.  Wasn't sure I wanted to make the effort to freak Spork out if I didn't have Daddy around for backup.  But I was feeling sad when my Facebook page was splashed with babies meeting Bunnies, and when I found out there was one Bunny still available the day before Easter, and he was free, I had to try it.  We drove past with the intention of going right out to dinner if the Bunny's line was too long or if he seemed too scary, but he was a perfect white fluffball of a Bunny with friendly eyes and not another visitor in sight.

Tater immediately lit up when she spied him across the room.  Their eyes met, and she giggled and pointed, then looked up at me to make sure I saw him too.  She babbled, "Bah!  Bah!" and squirmed to get down as I took off her coat and bib.  When I set her down, she toddled right to him, shook his paw, gave him a high five, and patted him with a mile-wide smile.  When I lifted her to his lap, it was as if she were in heaven.  She would have communed with that Bunny all day.

The Nugget had stated that he didn't want to sit on the Bunny but that he would stand next to it, and we snapped a great picture.  The Nugget gave the Bunny a high five and a shy smile, and a nervous-excited goofy sound the way he does.

Then Spork entered the scene, and it was basically his own private horror movie.  He clung to Daddy's leg and peered at Tater hugging the Bunny very warily.  Daddy gently led him towards the Bunny, and he whined and hid.  Daddy lifted him and tried to pose for a picture nearby the Bunny, and Spork attempted to launch himself and Daddy far away from the danger.  Daddy foolishly attempted once to deposit Spork on the Bunny's lap, and it was as if he were trying to put Spork down in a fiery pit of crocodiles, such was the escape effort made by our cautious guy.  When at a safer distance from the Bunny, we zipped up coats, and Spork mustered the courage to timidly peek and wave at the Bunny.  We thought maybe he was warming up, but he was running a scientific experiment.  At this point, he thought the Bunny was a scary over-large stuffed animal.  But the Bunny WAVED BACK!  Spork cringed, then went rigid with terror and started whimpering and climbing Daddy's legs.  "It's alive!!!!" he seemed to say, "Run!"

Also on Saturday, the Nugget did some "tie dye" eggs.  Each year, I look for a different egg decorating kit on clearance.  So far, the Nugget has done glitter paint, roller paint, traditional dip dyes, and the tie dye makes egg experience #4.  At first, he was pretty disappointed that it wasn't "painting" but then he ended up having a blast dripping the colors on with the tiny eyedropper and blotting them to perfection.  "This one looks like the ocean.  And this one is so so beautiful."  His favorite party was using the hairdryer to blast on the shrink wrap sleeves.

In the morning, the kids got into their baskets, and we did 2 inside egg hunts (it was a bit damp outside this morning).  We invited our neighbor M over for some hunt action, here are the kids anxiously awaiting his arrival so they can start foraging.  And that's as close as we're going to get for an Easter photo with all 3.  While they are not facing the camera, no one is smacking/pinching/screaming, and there are no visible nose dribbles, so I think it's a winner.

I love the way Spork holds his hands behind his back.  It's one of his typical stances.

Just one more photo flashback, because hand-me downs make my heart happy. Nugget 2008.

We headed out to a special Easter brunch at the campus dining hall.  It was a little spendy per plate but it was an unlimited buffet with beverages included, and all the kids were free, so it ended up being less than what we typically spend going out.  (They may rethink that kids under 6 eat free policy if they noticed how much the Nugget and Spork tucked away.)

My favorite part of the day was turning the kids loose with chalk and bubbles after we ate.  All smiles and full bellies, they frolicked in the sunshine, dirtied their khakis and white tights, and it was just perfection.

 Tater is so stinking cute and photogenic like her brothers, it kills me that I can't share full photos of her yet.  People keep asking me when, when when, but trust me, the cyber-netz will probably crash that day because proud mama will be so busy posting back-logged pictures of Tater Tot.

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