Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sugar Camp Days

Last St. Patrick's Day had a high of 80 degrees.  This year, it was a bit more blustery.  No matter, thanks to the Nugget's latest field trip, we knew there was a festival going on to celebrate the sugar maples.  And you know how we feel about festivals!  We bundled the kidlets, and off we went.

The main attraction was a pancake breakfast with fresh maple syrup.  Alas, there were no high chairs, so instead of snapping pictures of our darlings stuffing their faces, Hubby and I were each holding a sticky toddler on our laps while attempting to cut pancakes with plastic knives and keeping said toddlers from flinging flimsy cups of orange juice on the brave souls who dared to sit down next to us.  

When we finished the pancake challenge, I took the babies outside to play while the big boys finished eating.  Spork found a big stick, and it was love at first sight.  

Next up was a ride on the horse-drawn wagon.  Spork and Tater were amazed by the massive draft horses who clopped by every few minutes.  But the line was long, so the Nugget led everyone on a constitutional up an outdoor staircase to nowhere while Daddy waited in line.  

The long-awaited wagon ride was one-way and about 2 minutes long.  I think we waited for 30.  Oh well, Disney World training, I suppose.

We were approaching naptime rapidly, and the babes were starting to register that not only were they tired, but they were a mite cold.  There was nothing we could do but laugh while we wrestled screaming tots into fresh dipes and tucked them into the minivan with the heat cranked up.  The screaming lasted all of 8 minutes before both passed out for the remainder of the drive.

This one had maple popcorn for the ride home, so he was munching blissfully while his little sibs battled for the title of America's Next Top Screamer.  So marks the beginning of festival season - looking forward to many more family adventures!

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