Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the eye of the beholder

Your daily Nugget

"Did you see that wall of sunglasses?  They were so, so beautiful!"

M:  Look at that artwork!  It's made of glass.
N:  Wow!  Yeah, it's probably thermo-fused glass.

"Coloring and painting are fun activities.  I just love activities."

The Nugget has a strange fascination with kitchen implements.  Examples below.
1.  At Pike Place Market, I spied a kitchen store and knowing my child, asked if he wanted to look at the whisks.  Oh, he wanted to see them alright...and have his picture taken with them.
2.  When asked what he was looking forward to about our trip to WA, he stated without hesitation, "Riding airplanes and the ferry boat...and using Grandma's (manual) eggbeater."
Why whisks and eggbeaters?  Well, if you know this child in real life, it's because they spin, of course!
I am not sure if it's best to write about the 5 day trip now while it's fresh, or later when the jet lag and tremors have worn off.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  At any rate, the jetlagged babies are still sleeping and the Nugget's at school, so here we go...

The Nugget used the airsickness bag on a very bumpy scary flight.  Twice.  Emetophobic mama holding the bag and holding a squirmy fussy Tater.  When Hubby asked how that was even possible, I likened it to the adrenaline rush that helps moms lift cars to get to their kids after an accident, to a lesser degree of course.  As if that weren't exciting enough, we had to wait an hour after landing to deplane, because lightening threatened the safety of the ground crew.  Ok.  Then our next flight was delayed once, which was fine.  Then delayed again.  And again.  We got the inkling they would cancel it, so we cut our losses and rented possibly the last minivan in Chicago plus 3 car seats to get home.  15 hours after we started the travel eastbound, we got home...but then Hubby had to return the rental car!  Our flight did indeed get cancelled, so despite the roadblocks, we were just thankful we did get home last night, as we didn't have any overnight supplies in our carry-ons.

This is packing light with 3 kids.  This was our checked luggage stack, and we were pretty proud of how "small" it was!

5 days in WA really means just 3 days because of the travel.  It's always worth it, because time with grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends is irreplaceable.  And when I see the kids struggling with jet lag or I'm stressed about planning details, I remind myself that on top of quality time with loved ones, they are also getting valuable exciting travel and cultural experiences (and earning frequent flier miles).


Pike Place!

Watching cheese making at Beecher's.
Appreciating the creative talents of street musicians.

This time, we rented a house instead of using a hotel, because get this...renting a house was cheaper than renting a suite!  The only "downside" to the house was that the only one that fit our needs and schedule this time was on a tiny island that while not too far from the in-laws, was accessible only by ferry.  But the ferry ride ended up being a romantic wind-down to our day, and some "selfish" time for our little family to regroup and center ourselves.  Plus, the Nugget and Tater found the indoor passenger deck a fabulous place to play sheepdog/sheep, which has really been a positive bonding activity for them.

Having way more fun than he is letting on.

Well, I need to track down our luggage and go pickup Doggie from the kennel as soon as the babies wake.  I'm aiming for a slow re-entry and takeout for dinner.

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