Sunday, April 21, 2013

My favorite sport is ?

The theme for this weekend was definitely sports.  The Nugget has yet to settle on a favorite sport, so for now, he is just enjoying "shopping around" and trying different experiences, which is all kinds of awesome!  Coincidentally, all on tap for this weekend was...

College scrimmage game - his first live football spectating experience.  He asked to leave twice but changed his mind both times.  There were empty bleachers for climbing and popcorn and pretzels to eat.  It was chilly but sunny.  The band played some of his favorite songs "from the radio!"  Daddy was very excited to share one of his favorite sports with the Nugget.

Right after the game, I shuttled the Nugget to a friend's football-themed birthday party.  The guests all received an inking of grease paint upon entering, which was beyond adorable, especially when half of them smeared their paint all over their cheeks before party's end.

Last but not least, the Nugget's very first t-ball season has finally started!  The Nugget has been counting down the days since we signed up in February.  The coach is a newbie but seems very competent and patient, authoritative without being scary, "let's do this!" without being pushy.  He didn't even flinch when a kid accidentally whacked him with the bat.

The complex itself is a huge space with about a dozen diamonds; we had no idea it even existed before today.  The babies, safely strapped into the stroller out of ball range, gaped at the "big kids" practicing throwing, "catching" (I'm not sure any child made any catches), hitting, and running.  Spork had been in a terrible mood all day (still jet-lagged with a cold to boot) but something about being out in the fresh air studying this new activity closely seemed to cure him.  Once I tried to take him out of the stroller to explore the little playground around the corner, but he immediately demanded to be re-seated, "Can't you see I'm watching the practice, Ma?!  I don't have time for the stinkin' playground!"

The Nugget even wore himself out at practice, which is really saying something.  He was tentative and nervous at first but by the end he was cackling his patented laugh and making friends, and he said he wants to do t-ball forever and ever.

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