Sunday, May 12, 2013

Babes in ZooLand

We are finally having our house and garage painted, which means that if the babies are to enjoy any sunshine, I have to plan an outing.  It works well, because Spork is always happier when he's out adventuring anyway.

....To the zoo!
Spork is psyched, and his sunglasses are hilarious.  I think I need to get him a more stylin' pair though, it's not like the velcro strap actually keeps them on his head.

 Spork's favorite this trip was the river otter exhibit.

 Spork is fairly certain that he's about 7 years old.

 Tater does not understand the photo op board.

 Dressed to impress her flamingo friends.  Tater said, "Bye," to each animal as we moved through the zoo.  While Spork willingly took turns walking and riding in the stroller, Tater was pretty adamant that she wanted to walk the whole zoo.  She didn't get her wish this time, but soon I'm sure it will happen.

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