Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

We took a break from our "beach on Memorial Day" tradition to plan a trip to Grammy and Grandpa's. Boy, I'm glad we did, because the weather was wet and chilly at home, and we would have had some bored kids on our hands.  The weather was equally chilly in the Buckeye State, but boredom was not on the menu.

Celebrating Cousin E's 1st birthday!  What a smile :)

 The Nugget practices his baseball skills with plastic bowling bin in lieu of bat, and of course Spork follows suit.

We met friends at the local zoo, where Tater enjoyed her first memorable carousel ride (she picked the "dog" wolf of course) and the boys clambered behind the nearest curtain (photobooth) with their gal pals and much giggling and shrieking commenced.  Should I be worried?  I'm a little worried.

 Last but not least, we had a playdate with my friend L and her family.  L was my best friend in high school, and she recently moved back within spitting distance of said school, which is pretty crazy!  Her kids shared their Power Wheels and bounce house with our kids, so they all thought they'd died and gone to heaven.


We're always thankful for our military and their families, so I sometimes worry that the fun of a long spring/summer weekend isn't really a token of thanks to them...but perhaps this way of life is what many died fighting for, so I'll toast to that.  Hope they enjoyed the very best chili dogs, lemonade, and sunshine in heaven and got to peek down at their kids/grandkids/great-grandkids enjoying their freedom this weekend.
Desperate road-trip mom hack:  I used a squeegee with a telescoping handle to retrieve dropped/thrown toys and sippy cups during the 5 hour drive.

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