Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spork 2 years

Dear Spork,

Oh, Beavs.  You have passion in every fiber of your being. You are a boy who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to speak up.  You think you are already grown and feel betrayed by your clumsy, huggable toddler body.  You remind us of Stewie from Family Guy.  You treasure your freedom and want to play without interference.  You get along with others but something tells me that as an adult, you might be one of those people who loves the peace of a solo hike in the woods, but for now, I sure feel lucky to be the one holding your fleshy dimpled starfish of a hand.


Top 10 Challenges at 2 years:
10.  You're in the "caveman" stage right now, a lot of grunting, stomping, pushing, hitting, kicking, and yanking.
9.  You have favorite foods, and sometimes I'm a little afraid to serve them.  Chicken nuggets, for example - baked or fried, homemade or fast food, you cannot get enough nuggets.  Even after 10 nuggets, you will pitch a holy fit for more and will refuse to eat anything else on your plate, even if they are other things you typically enjoy.  Silly Beavs.
8.  You are a total mess.  Somehow, no matter what you're eating, be it a popsicle or goldfish crackers, you manage to turn it into a sticky disgusting paste that coats your entire torso, possibly your pants, and definitely all over your face and hands.  You are also very skilled at transferring the paste to an unsuspecting parent with a speedy grab of the shirt or a sneaky stroke to my face.  Love you hon, but...eeewww!
7.  Typical 2 year old, but you have GOT to have what the other kid is using RIGHT NOW!
6.  You are fairly certain that you are already 8 years old and demand to be treated as such.  You expect me to hand over the TV remote, the cell phone, the Dangerous Knife, the stapler, the list goes on and on, and you are so offended when I don't comply.
5.  You are my early bird.
4.  You are really big and strong and sometimes you really don't want to get into your car seat.
3.  You have an insistent whine that really gets under the skin.
2.  You enjoy removing your own diaper.
1.  Holy heck, you are unwavering in your desires.  Unlike your sibs, who I can easily distract with, "Oh look, a chicken!", you doggedly pursue your dream of touching the hot stove or whacking the window with a metal dustpan.

Top 10 Things I Love at 2 years:
10.  Your wild stagger.  You run like a drunken sailor trying to evade an ostrich, and it's all kinds of awesome.
9.  Your dance is a wide-legged side to side rocking like a sumo preparing for the ring.
8.  The way you play - already mimicking and pretending.  Playing restaurant is one of your favorite things.  You vroom toy cars and zoom toy airplanes with the appropriate sound effects.
7.  When you have a fit, sometimes you angrily peel off a sock and throw it down in anger, then give me a defiant glare.  I imagine you're trying to throw down the gauntlet, but it's so funny I can't help giggling, which is definitely not how you want me to respond.
6.  I've never experienced this before, but you can actually walk next to me in some public places.  You obediently hold my hand and immediately scurry back to my side when I call you instead of giving chase.  Not sure if it's a phase or part of your anti-"Oh look, a chicken!" personality.
5.  Most days, you make me feel pretty darn good about my cooking.  You are also pretty careful with dishes and cups, and you even know which cup is yours!
4.  You like to help, whether it's feeding the dog or putting something in the trash.
3.  Oh, I have to work so so hard for your smile and laugh, but they are so worth the effort!  Your little pearly teeth, your head thrown back, and your belly laugh make my day.
2.  You babble constantly, in what sounds like French.  Some decipherable phrases are beginning to appear, and you are so pleased when you make a verbal connection.
1.  Life's great truth is that your toughest challenge is also your greatest strength.  Your determination and strong will are the seeds of great accomplishments in your future.  You've got a big personality and a heart to match.

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