Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Nugget goes to Kindergarten

First of all, I'd like to publicly thank the best Hubby in the world for sharing school transportation duty. I'm so glad he handles drop-off, because I would have been a crying mess yesterday, and that's not how a big kid wants to start off the school year, haha!

I made the Nugget his first schultute and gave it to him on Sunday night when he was getting visibly nervous.  The goods brought a few smiles before bed.  

"I was not expecting a schultute!  Schultute!  Haha!"

 Contents:  Purple hair chalk (temporary and pretty subtle on brown hair), mini pack of gum, erasers, silicone spike bracelet, pencil sharpener, and airplane shaped paperclips.  All from Target except the clips, which I bought during Borders' liquidation (sniff) and have been obsessively hoarding til the Nugget as big enough not to eat them/stick them in electrical outlets.

He got up bright and early, dressed in an outfit he chose himself, and Daddy reported that drop-off was a breeze.  Of course, Giraffe came along for moral support.  We are pleased that our school encourages kindergartners to bring their transitional objects, because full-day kindergarten is pretty intense for these little ones.

Big kid backpack from Grammy and Grandpa.

Anyway, as older and wiser parents now, we totally expect afternoon meltdowns and morning stalling for the next few weeks, but also am enjoying the new routine, which includes some solo Mama time/productivity during naptime, and Spork and Tater rediscovering their relationship with each other.

We are so proud of our little (not really) Nugget and are wishing him a wonderful school year!

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