Saturday, September 21, 2013

On Love and Petting Zoos

Nugget:  "E (a girl in his class) is my love, because she loves me a lot. Actually, she loves me too much."

Yes, that's a beaver on my sweater.

Spork was recently horrified that we were at a playground spitting distance from a petting zoo.  He repeatedly begged, "Wanna hide," and gestured to the animals.  It seemed that although he did not want to stop playing, he wanted me to physically remove the animals from view.  He did muster up the courage to go in the bunny pen, which shocked me, but he put his foot down at going near the hoofed animals.  

Tater is becoming very talkative.  My favorite word of hers is, "Snaack!"  She says it anytime she's hungry, for any meal or snack.  It comes out very nasally and at high volume, so it makes me giggle anytime she says it.  She tries hard to parrot back any new word we throw at her, so you can imagine this makes her very popular with the Nugget right now.  Recently, we overheard him bragging about her in a playspace.  "My baby sister is really smart.  She can say, 'baby'.  There she is!  Tater, say, 'baby'!"

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