Monday, October 21, 2013

Please don't chew the Giraffe

The Nugget enjoys the Silly Dance Song at our Library's annual festival

The Nugget's first romance continues:
"Well, E and I will probably have a wedding, but I don't know who will be our flower girl.  How old will Tater be when I'm 26?"

Kindergarten Drama:
1.  A friend was trying to get the Nugget's attention during rest time, and discovering that the Nugget would rather rest, he snatched Bedtime Giraffe and CHEWED on her.  Oh, the humanity!  The Nugget was totally distraught, but the teachers came to the rescue, and the Nugget was placated by being allowed to watch Giraffe spin in the washing machine.
2.  I have been taking the little ones into the school sans stroller this year for pickup.  This has made for some interesting and humbling moments, but I think it's a great mama-kiddo learning situation in a semi-controlled environment, because the tots are learning things like holding hands, taking turns pressing the button that calls the secretary to unlock the door, looking without touching, etc.  But the day when Tater ran away from me, Spork threw a fit about not getting to smash the crackers, and Brady wanted me to help him carry a bag of apples from his field trip...that will be a story we laugh about later.  Or not.
One of the most embarrassing public mom-things I consistently do is play peek-a-boo/mime to the kids while I am pumping gas.  Of course, with tinted minivan windows, no one can see that there are children in the car, so I must look like a lunatic.  But the toothy smiles and giggles I can't hear though the thick panes are worth it.  Do you make a fool of yourself to entertain your little ones in public?
Daddy had a birthday this month, and although I had to do math in my head to figure out how old he is, the Nugget promptly stated, "Well, you're 38 because last year you turned 37."  Lucky, lucky boy to have a memory like a steel trap!

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