Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tater Tater Instigator

Tater's favorite "game" right now is torturing Spork with hugs.  1% of the time, he will return her hug graciously, with a grin and gentle pats on her back, and that puts her into a state of sheer bliss.  Unfortunately, 99% of the time, her hugs make him scream bloody murder and fling her to the ground.  She gets around this by sneaking up behind him and wrapping her tiny yet tenacious arms around his waist.  He panics and screams but he can't dislodge her, so he staggers and stumbles around the house like a wild boar with a cougar on its back.  She simply giggles and holds on tight as he drags her around the room, until I can come pry her off of him.  She usually immediately goes back for a second "ride".

Tater's latest milestone is a fast and furious language acquisition.  She is hungry for new words and repeats them back effortlessly, adding her own little baby accent and an exclamation point to boot.  "Mornin'!  Marinara!  iPod!  Hippo!"


Spork is equal parts annoyed by and attached to her.  He rarely tolerates her being within 3 feet of him but when he wakes before her, he mournfully points to one of her belongings and moans, "Sis-say.  Where mah sis-say?  Mah sis-say!  Want mah sis-say."

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