Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things you can do with a blanket

The crisp fall air has a hint of winter chill in it already, so it's fun-with-blankets time at our house.  Here are a few easy games that are big hits with our active trio.

1.  Curious Lump:  The name is derived from this book.  Basically, you throw the blanket over your littles (or let the big one take the lead) and yell, "Oh my, what a curious lump!"  Then you sit back and sip your coffee while the children wrestle and giggle and stick various body parts out from under the blanket.  Exclaim from time to time that the lump is growing a foot/thumb/whatever comes out, and occasionally toss the blanket back over them.  End game - when someone emerges crying from being accidentally elbowed in the face.

2.  Bird Nest:  Empty a laundry basket and nestle the baby inside with some blankets.  The older ones pretend to be the parent birds bringing imaginary worms back to their baby.  Teach the baby to make nom-ing noises.  End game - when the basket tips over.

3.  Burrito:  Roll one child tightly in a blanket to make a burrito.  Add "picante sauce" (tickles) if the burrito likes them.  Pretend to eat the burrito, and exclaim, "The filling is escaping!" when the child busts out of the blanket.  Older kids can hold one end of the blanket and roll themselves up for added excitement.  End game - when someone gets hiccups from laughing too hard.

Anyone else have a favorite blanket game?

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