Monday, December 16, 2013

Bacon and Gingerbread and Santa, Oh My!

In a nod to his Native American heritage, the Nugget verbally offers his gratitude those who made his meals possible.

"Thank you, bees, for the honey!"
He typically shouts his acknowledgements, so any bees that might be hibernating in their hives can hear him, I suppose.

"Thank you, cows, for the cow's milk!"
As a PC child of Generation Z, he is aware that some friends drink soy milk or goat's milk, and Spork drinks almond milk, so the Nugget likes to be crystal clear about his own preferred milk source.

And lately, he's added a new, more awkward one.  "Thank you pigs, for the bacon!"
Lordy, I love this kid.

We all enjoyed a visit from Spork's Mumsie this weekend.  We love visits with birthfamily any time of the year, but it's especially sweet when we can share our little family traditions with them.  I feel like it gives them a true peek at the lives our children are leading, and I hope it makes them feel happy and included.

Spork was super serious about the gingerbread house decorating.  He mulled over the possible placement of every gumdrop and "reminded" his brother and sister not to forget his next turn.  It got a little too intense, so Daddy took him outside for a shoveling break - just what the doctor ordered!


The way that Tater says, "San-tah!" just slays me, every time.  She loves the guy in red, although she doesn't care to sit on his lap, just wants to chat with him.

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