Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Although road-tripping 5 hours to my folks' house with 3 kids is nothing to sneeze at, if you really want to be a masochist, you have to drive 2 hours to an airport and fly the family across the country.  I planned and planned, but the trip was not without its ugly meltdowns, and the kids weren't all that easy either!  Still, we enjoyed what quality time we had with Hubby's sweet family, even as they were taken down one-by-one by a nasty virus.  And despite the fact that Hubby conked himself in the head almost immediately upon arrival, requiring 3 staples in the head.   At least the kids didn't break anything valuable in the rental house, despite Tater toppling a full wine rack on day 2.

Pictured are some highlights of the trip, and the true success was, even as I struggled to keep it together, the Nugget exclaimed, "Best Christmas ever!"  My own little Cindy Lou Who/Tiny Tim, right?!  And I came home to toss my worries aside to pray for a dear friend's little one who was in the hospital, and suddenly the stresses of crossing time zones with toddlers didn't seem so big at all.  Thankful to be home, counting our blessings.  Thankful for family who puts up with me at my very worst.  Thankful for humbling experiences that give me the chance to grow.

 Playing with friends at a local park.
A fleeting moment of brotherly love, captured on film.

 Wild times in Grandma and Papa's amazing backyard.

Adorable kiddos in adorable outfits!

 The element of surprise.
The basement playroom is reborn each time grandchildren enter the premises.
 My favorite trio - in discord and in harmony, they make my heart complete.
Family reunited.

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