Monday, December 9, 2013

Finish Line

This morning was a hectic one, with toddlers in and out of coats, car seats, and double strollers.  First to Goodwill to be fingerprinted for (hopefully) the last time in our 7 year adoption journey.  Of course, in the excitement, I forgot my purse and had to double back, but nothing could spoil my mood.  Since the printing was at Goodwill, I took the babes shopping to celebrate and came home with a construction helmet for the dress-up bin and a Leapfrog alphabet magnet base with no letters (in the hopes it would fit the letters on our fridge at home, no dice but it was worth a buck to try).

Next to DCS to drop off adoption paperwork.  No parking spaces, so I had to hoof it with the double stroller from McDonald's.  No elevator, so I had to enlist kind strangers to help me haul the tots up and down a flight of stairs (not a neighborhood where I could leave an empty stroller and return to find it still there).  But I *think* I am done!  Tater Tot will be a legal member of our family very soon - as soon as the prints and paper get processed, we should get a court date for her finalization.

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