Sunday, December 29, 2013


Now that the toddlers are talking, I foresee a lot more quotes on the blog.

After Jason Derulo croons, "Will you maarrrryyy meeeee?" on the radio, Spork asks earnestly, "And me?  And me?"

Most complex overheard conversation with Spork's Little People to date:
Camel: "Hi."
Superman:  "It's cold."
Camel:  "Oh, snow!"
Superman:  "The boots."

Spork has a new favorite word, "Huh?!"  He says it loudly and often.  And his favorite new phrase is, "What happened?"

Instead of saying, "Yes," or "Yeah," Spork says, "Nay!" to indicate the affirmative.  This is very confusing, as you can imagine.

Spork is a future foodie or talented chef - he loves to eat, appreciates both the process and result of cooking, and spends hours creating in the play kitchen.  Today, we had a favorite recipe of Daddy's via The Pioneer Woman.  Based on Ree's description and Daddy's love for it, we affectionately call it "Man Casserole" in this house (though I enjoy it too).  Spork was very pleased and ate with gusto, nom-ing loudly and stated, "Man Noodles - um!"

In a reprise of his Tommy Boy impression, Spork accidentally ran full boar into our Christmas tree this afternoon, knocking off several ornaments on his way down.  He cheerfully bounded back up, so laughter was totally called for this time.  Kudos to Daddy's tree-installation skills, because he didn't take the whole tree down with him!

One of our toy phones cheerfully asks, "Hi there, wanna go out to play?"  Tater (who would prefer not to go outside in weather under 65 degrees) answers it with an indignant, "NO!"  Speaking of phones, Tater and Spork sometimes both get on a toy phone and chatter, as if they are calling one another from the same room.  Cutest thing ever!

We finally got to the bottom of Tater's "snatch and run" habit - turns out, she just wants Spork to chase her, but he's usually off in his own world, so the best way she can get him to participate in her game is to snatch whatever he's using.  She typically tosses the object back to him over her shoulder once he starts running, but of course by that point, he's committed to his angst.  The sad/funny thing is that she is so much faster that she sometimes laps him in this game.  We are teaching her to verbally ask for a "Chase?" instead of snatching, but she knows it's far less effective!

While at Aunt V's house for Boxing Day, Tater became obsessed with a sparkly gold angel on the tree. It had a stiff, conical skirt and sat on a branch.  When Aunt V gave the kids the green light to touch the ornaments, Tater repeatedly picked up the angel and asked, "She pooped?"

The Nugget has a couple new chores, which highlight his laziness efficiency.
1.  Put away clean clothes and pick out pjs and clothes for the next day.  He likes to combine these tasks by simply throwing yesterday's outfit down the stairs for tomorrow instead of putting it away and picking something new.  So despite his closetful of clothes, he goes to school wearing the same mismatched outfit over and over again.  It's a mama's duty to bite her tongue and pick a bigger battle, right?
2.  Setting his own place at the table.  Sometimes he forgoes a beverage because he would rather not drink that make a second trip for his milk cup and pitcher.

I love to be silly.  Fortunately that's allowed in my line of work.  Tonight I bid the Nugget and Giraffe good night, but I purposely switched their names as I patted each on the head.  The Nugget very seriously responded, "No, I'm the Nugget.  That is Giraffe."  I repeated my mistake with kisses.  The Nugget decided to give his poor mom a tutorial, "No, you see, this is Giraffe.  Giraffe is a lovie. She has fur and her head rattles.  I'M the Nugget."  I suppressed some giggles and kissed my patient little teacher goodnight, for real that time, and the Nugget went to bed satisfied that he had schooled his slightly-slow mama.

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