Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving weekend 2013 was one for the books.  We had a great time at Uncle M and Aunt C's house.  Cousins A&L each grabbed a toddler (literally) and showed them a great time.  A and Spork thumped up and down the carpeted basement stairs about a thousand times, and L cuddled and coddled Tater and wrenched multiple remotes and choking hazards out of her clutches.  

We had been saving and plotting to take the Nugget on the Polar Express for years now.  This, we decided, would be the perfect year.  He was finally old enough to stay up late without having a meltdown, and young enough to experience the Christmas magic in its purest form.  It was perfect.

Some memorable Nugget quotes from the ride:

We called Grandma and Papa while waiting to depart, and the Nugget, in hushed and reverent tones said, "There are REAL elves here."

We passed many many elves, penguins, reindeer, and other wonders at the North Pole.  The Nugget waved wildly to each of them.  When he saw the Winter Wizard, he solemnly and spontaneously saluted her.

While the other kids were exclaiming over the lights and decorations at the North Pole, the Nugget hollered, "Wow!  They have their own POST OFFICE!"

After spotting a tin soldier come to life, another child yelled, "Report for duty!"  The Nugget wanted to chime in but had no idea what the kid was saying, so he repeatedly exclaimed, "Ah-port for doody, sir!" and dissolved into giggles.

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