Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Nativity, take 2

It's the kind of cold outside that freezes the inside of your nose when you draw a breath.  So of course, Tater is still refusing to keep her mittens on.  Granted, none of them really fit her tiny hands except the thumbless baby kind, but goshdarnit, Tater wants her thumb recognized, so those don't have a chance either.

Detente:  I am resigned to taking Spork into the school on the doggie harness and as Tater began her 2yo tantrums right on schedule, she is now in the umbrella stroller (wrapped caterpillar-style in a blanket to warm those mittenless fingers).  The Nugget, for his part, is resigned to the fact that he does have to load his backpack (with his giraffe plus a single art project, which is usually a paper airplane or a bullet train) and put on his coat every afternoon in under 30 minutes.  You'd think I was asking for a blindfolded Triple Salchow or something.  Actually, that might be an easier task for him to learn, given his newfound skating skills, the results of  "free" lessons through his kindergarten, so awesome!

The Nativity, Interpreted by 2 year olds.  Several years ago, the Nugget reenacted the Nativity with a triceratops.  The camel often took meals with him.

Spork is having his turn now, in which nativity members all dutifully say, "Hi baby!" to baby Jesus and then wait their turn to be microwaved.  It must be really cold in that stable.  Oh wait, I misplaced the stable.  The sheep can often be found face down in a wooden coffee mug.  The camel is a favorite with this one too, although he calls it a, "Moo."

Behold, shepherds and wise men will see the glow of the microwave and travel from afar.

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