Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cabin Fever

January, I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but sayonara and good riddance!

In no particular order, the trials of January 2014:
-A weeklong work trip for Hubby
-The boiler broke...twice (it's fixed now, $700 later), the second time covering the basement in 2" of water...while Hubby was on said business trip
-2 separate states of emergency with driving bans/snow days/work from home days.
-Babies locked me out of the house, and not having a hide-a-key, I had to call the police to break in to unlock the door.
-And to top it off, the Nugget decided to put on a show, just minutes before toddler bedtime.  Sounds cute, with dolls lined up on the back of the couch as an audience.  I left Hubby in charge since he'd been hogging working from home in the office all day and I desperately needed to return some emails.  When I came back (because there was a fight brewing), I noticed the floor was...sparkling.  The Nugget had run through the house with a vial of glitter, joyously sprinkling "confetti" before his show.  I would have liked to laugh it off and clean it up later, but because Tater still puts plenty in her mouth, we had to shut down the show and vacuum it all up pronto.  Have you ever tried to vacuum glitter?  5 trips around with the vacuum and a follow-up with the lint roller, and I'm still finding traces, a full week later.

Anyway, February has been much better so far.  It treated us to our first full week of school/work, temps "soaring" into the 30's so we're back to bundling up for snow play and fresh air, and of course the welcome distraction of Valentine's Day.  I've also had enough breathing room to recount some of the things we've been doing to combat cabin fever, thanks to Pinterest, OT, and creative FB friends for the ideas.

Indoor snow play.  Cookie sheet full of fresh snow, spoons, tiny measuring cups to make snow castles, empty dishsoap bottle full of colored water.

 Fine motor work/snack - cheerios stacked on spaghetti stuck in play-doh.

 Treasure hunt - find the pony beads hidden in the play-doh.  Spork can do this for 30+ minutes if he's in the right mood.  And if Mama doesn't tire of picking dropped pony beads off the floor.

Practicing scissor and stamping skills on play-doh.

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