Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fortunes by the Nugget

The Nugget recently posed this thoughtful query, "Mommy, when did I first connect with Giraffe?"  This led to a love soliloquy about Giraffe and an unprompted decision to create this thank you note for Aunt B, who picked her out for the Nugget as a baby.  I die!

On weekends, Daddy or I try to take the Nugget out for a quick date.  When we can't get out, we make it a priority to spend a naptime creating a marble run or a Lego creation or a fleet of paper airplanes with him, because being a big brother is super hard, and it should come with some perks.  (Plus, the littles are in the throes of 2yo destructiveness/chaos, so it's getting challenging to take all 3 to any place that frowns upon mayhem.)  This past weekend, the Nugget lucked out and got a double header - Home Depot workshop with Daddy and Science Alive with Mommy.

Preparing and grinding corn at Prairie Winds Nature Farm's table.

 Science Alive is overrun with ND students with a passion for science and teaching.  These young adults gave up a Saturday not to promote a business but to spark a desire for learning in local children.
 This young astronomer in particular was a naturally gifted teacher and got the Nugget very interested in radiation and Geiger counters.
 Creating a marble roller coaster out of foam piping.

Regardless of the fact that coming home from our dates usually erupts in a pout over the return to reality that he is 1/3, I always find myself looking forward to our next date.  Thanks for the fun, kiddo, can't wait to do it all over again.
I found adorable fortune cookie erasers at the Dollar Spot for our Valentine's playdate and the Nugget had fun creating his own fortunes.  Without further ado:

"Smile and see what happens"
"Tape a penny to the door, and it will snow."
"Beware of poison joke." (Only MLP fans will understand)
"You will get a goody bag."
and my personal favorite, "You will turn into a hot dog."

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