Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Friendship Day 2014

Last year, I'd pinned a bunch of valentine's ideas, hoping that the Nugget would just choose one to hand out this year.  Of course, he wanted to march to his own beat, and said, "Well, I really want to hand out pictures of me.  Because everyone would like that."  A bit cocky, yes, but probably true.  I convinced him to at least add one thing to the picture but because his school doesn't do candy, we had to get a little creative.  Found these pink mustaches at OTC and thought they'd be perfect.

We took a picture of the Nugget against a plain curtain.  

Cropped and printed 4x6s at Target, with a coupon!

Trimmed the mustaches with scissors, leaving the backing in place and affixed the to the photos with a tiny piece of double stick tape.  I also used a paper punch to make scalloped circles and wrote in red ink, "I mustache you to be my friend!"

All done!  I loved the way they turned out and hope Spork or Tater will do a reprise.

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