Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

We always treat our kiddos to a new love-themed book and I fill Dollar Spot mini mailboxes with tiny treats and toys on VDay.  Somehow this year, the kids got lots of additional generous gifts and cards from friends and relatives, so much that the Nugget exclaimed, "It's like Christmas!"

It's a little late for using these tips for this year but here's what I used for gifts, you can grab them on sale now with the post-VDay clearance!  Books don't appear to be on discount on Amazon, but if you have a Barnes and Noble near you, I'd head there for a discount this week.  

 Spork:  The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond.  Imaginext horse and knight (sans sword) free with a manufacturer's coupon around Christmas.  Dude, these are expired now, but you can bet I'll be scouring the interwebs for them again next year!  1 piece of chocolate (from a Lindt bag bought with a Target coupon) which somehow got smeared all over his shirt!  Stickers purchased on VDay clearance 2013!

 The Nugget:  Dog Parade by Barbara Joosse (this is loosely love-themed in that the Nugget loves dogs) purchased on clearance in the campus bookstore with our discount stacked on top of that!  The same stickers and chocolate.  A bagged mini Lego set and a micro pack of gum.

Tater:  Kiss Kiss by Margaret Wild.  Chocolate and stickers like the boys.  A Little People girl on trike (half of this set free with a manufacturer's coupon at Christmas - I love that LP always make children of color!)  I love to split sets like this because the other half might show up in Tater's Easter basket - woohoo!

 The Nugget sporting his long-awaited stache.  He's been dying to wear one since they arrived, but I made him wait til after he handed them out at school.

 Spork wearing his adorable chef's hat and apron from Grammy and Grandpa - he is such a little chef, this is the perfect ensemble for him!

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