Thursday, March 20, 2014

As long as I've got my suit and tie...

The Nugget has taken to wearing a mismatched shirt and tie to school several times a week.  When asked why he wants to get "dressed up", he just shrugs and says, "Because I like to!"  (My hunch is that it has to do with the number of compliments he gets from adults when he's dressed up or because he's emulating Daddy who wears a "work shirt" daily.)  Rock on, my dapper little gent.

Although the Nugget is the second oldest in his K class, all of his classmates have been sporting gap-toothed grins while the Nugget has been pacing the sidelines waiting for his turn at this childhood rite of passage.  Yesterday, he finally lost his first tooth, a lower incisor, in the middle of circle time.  According to Mrs. K, he was wiggling it with his tongue, made a comment about how loose it was, reached in and popped it out!  "It didn't hurt at all!" the Nugget exclaimed.  It was taped to his locker in a plastic baggie for him to take home, and we got to bust out the pillow his Aunt M gave him when he was born.  The Tooth Fairy left him a gold dollar and a tiny note, and we debated this morning how she might have carried the goods all the way to our house if she is, as the Nugget states, the size of a fingertip.  He suggested that she must use her magic wand to carry the notes, teeth, and money aloft while she flies on her little wings.

I replaced the heart shaped wreath for my springtime egg wreath, and Tater Tot squealed with glee and shouted, "Eggies!  They're hatching!!!"

Tater Tot's Sesame Street obsession continues, though I think Abby Cadabby has taken over Elmo's spot as her favorite.  She can correctly identify Ernie and Cookie Monster as well, but prefers to call Big Bird, "Elmo Bird".
In a miraculous 180 from a year ago when Spork would wake from naps like this...

...he now wakes up from naps like this (picture him growling softly under the blanket and squeezing those claws)....

I assume he is a T-Rex playing peekaboo.  Thank you, Ms. OT for making afternoons much sweeter!

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