Friday, March 7, 2014

Spork goes to school

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, we went to an open house for an in-home Montessori-based preschool.  The head teacher is a long-time acquaintance of our family, an exceptional parent, and really well-connected to the community.  The Nugget has attended 2 camps she's led and loved them.  We weren't planning to send Spork to school until the fall when he'll start at the Nugget's preschool, but during the visit to this little school, I witnessed him come to life and had this overwhelming feeling that he was ready, he wanted this, and we needed to make this happen for him.  After talking it out with Hubby and Ms. OT, we decided to enroll him one morning a week for the rest of the semester.  Beavs was very pleased.  No tears at drop-off on the first day, and his teacher reports he did really well.  The preschool sends pictures from each day, and I spotted Spork sometimes in the center of the action, sometimes concentrating hard on his own task, but always wearing a firefighter's suit from the dress-up bin :)  Our little boy is growing up!

Spork Vocab
1.  Spork has finally mastered, "Yes!"
2.  While Tater has her bonky, Spork has his bwayne-tiss.  It sounds a little like a anatomical term to me.
3.  Instead of asking for screen time, a video, or naming the video, Spork usually whines, "Wanna watch.  Watch.  Watch."
In Tater news, DCS finally pushed the paperwork back to our attorney, who has filed it with the court with a request for a date.  Hope to hear back soon!  The CW let me know that if by some weird fluke the courts are full and don't have a date for us til after our license expires, they will not make us renew, and we can keep full custody during the "waiting to finalize" period, so a huge weight has been lifted!
The other waiting game we're playing right now is with the Nugget's elementary choices.  Our neighborhood school is not the best, so he's applied to 2 magnet schools in our district, 1 private school, and 2 public schools in the next district.  Waiting to hear about spots available and financial aid, please pray for us.  I feel really frustrated that the schools haven't made decisions yet - it's still "early" but I have a little boy who feels a bit lost without a school to call his own yet for next year.  And to be honest, I feel a bit lost too, especially since each school will come with its own different transportation schedule, hmm!  Praying it will all turn out ok and that he'll wind up at the school that's best for him.

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