Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Phase 1:  We enjoyed our annual egg hunt with friends.  The Nugget was lightning quick this year, so I couldn't capture any photos of him until he sat down to "crack" his eggs!  Spork was in his element, out in nature, pretending to be a big kid, and hunting oh-so-seriously.  Tater was keeping up as best she could and after the wave of older children passed on, she delighted in gathering her "eggies" and wondered aloud if they were going to hatch soon.  And proof that the children are growing up:  I told them they could each eat 2 pieces of candy and save the rest, and not a single tantrum from the bunch!

Phase 2:  Grandma and Papa came out to visit!  We so appreciate them making the trip.  We took advantage of the sunny spring weather and went to parks, the zoo, and to campus.  Daddy took time off work so he could join us.

Phase 3:  Grammy and Grandpa joined in for the holiday weekend, and we all enjoyed Easter Sunday brunch on campus.  It feels so good to see the kids enjoying my university home-away-from-home-turned-home-for-realsies.  Whether they come to college here or not, they're making a lot of childhood memories in this special place.  

There's something really special about celebrating a holiday in your own home with the kiddos, and that's something we've rarely been able to do, so it makes it all the sweeter!

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