Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sassins and Caterpillars

The Nugget has a holy fear of static electricity, so sometimes he would forgo a favorite slide for fear of getting shocked. At some point, I must have casually mentioned that certain clothes were more or less likely to cause the static buildup, and now he religiously hollers before the first slide of the day, "Am I wearing Polarfleece?!"
Tater and Spork are obsessed with sunglasses. Spork calls them sassins, and while Tater can clearly say sunglasses, she is fluent in Sporkish and will call them sassins when he's around.  But when they are both requesting a pair of sunglasses, they will shout with fervor, "A sassins! A sassins!" Bet the neighbors wonder what sort of games we play with the 2 year olds.

Spork's latest Little People conversation, overheard
Zookeeper: Where's the butt clip?
Trash collector:  I dunno. Oh no! The butt clip!
Z: Gotta find the butt clip. let's look.
T: I don't see it. Butt clip not anywhere!
Z: (singing) Butt clip, butt clip, find the butt clip!
He probably went on for a good five minutes before I had to interrupt him and clarify, "Are you saying butt clip? What's a butt clip?"
Spork affirmed his guys were indeed on the hunt for a butt clip but declined to elaborate on what said butt clip was.

Overheard at PDX:
Nugget: Spork, do you see that tiny white speck?
Spork: Yah!
N: That, my friend, is an airplane.
S: Oooo!

Sporkish to English
Barching band.....marching band
Whazzatiz.....What is that?

The Nugget exclaimed over a "Pure Michigan" radio commercial, "Beaver Island?!  Beavs, we have to go there!"  Spork answered solemnly, "I haul logs."

The Nugget bonded with a bright green caterpillar he rescued from certain doom by Tater's maryjanes. After cooing over it and letting it crawl up his arm, he deposited it gently on a leaf and bid it this fond farewell, "Goodbye, caterpillar! I hope you turn into a butterfly before a bird eats you!"

The Nugget's birthmom, her husband, and their daughter Cupcake (now age 4) visited this week, and the Nugget turned to Cupcake at one point and said, "You're my blue ribbon sibling, because you were my very first sister."

On the same note, the Nugget explained to Tater and Spork who was coming to visit and why, "Your Aunt Lynnsi is coming to visit us!  I grew in her tummy, and the doctors had to cut me out, but don't worry, she's still alive. The doctors gave her a special medicine so she didn't feel the cutting at all, and then she healed."

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