Friday, September 19, 2014

The More We Get Together

Nuggets of Wisdom:

"Ugh!  I have had enough of these motorcycle guys riding without any helmets.  There's another one!"

(at the splash pad, which automatically shuts off to save water, at which point little sibs beg big bro to turn it back on)
"This is getting out of hand!"

While apple picking, he was being his typical bossy self displaying leadership skills but had a moment of syrupy sweetness on the tractor. "Oh, I just love tractor rides, especially with my little brother and sister. Let's all sing, 'The More We Get Together'." As you can see, little bro takes full advantage of sweet big bro moments while little sister remains pretty skeptical.

The Nugget's elementary school has a dress code meant to keep the students' clothing from becoming a distraction, but the Nugget's sense of fashion is going to push the envelope. So far, he has worn knee high orange argyle socks (originally worn for Uncle T's wedding under slacks) with orange shorts, and yesterday, he combined a green polo with his purple pants, exclaiming, "Look, I am an eggplant!"

Tater likes to try on the "bracelets" (spare hair ties) on my wrist. She pulls them on her teeny wrists and grins. Then she replaces them on my own and remarks,"Bootful!"

While wearing a toy stethoscope, Tater got it stuck around her hairdo and called out, "Tangled!" A moment later, she said, "Never mind, I got it. Untangled!" During the same role play, she gave Daddy a checkup by insisting that he close his eyes, then listened intently to his knee with the stethoscope before declaring, "All done!" When I suggested that Daddy was so brave, could he have a lollipop, she stated, "Um, no. They all gone, I ate them all. But I get you a sammich!"

Her favorite thing to do is host pretend picnics for stuffed animals and dolls. If you attend her picnic, you may be served a crocheted donut, a wooden piece of toast (which she will insist on buttering for you), or a hammer.  It's kind of a crapshoot.

Spork recently had his first face paint, a frog. I didn't think to wipe it off before his nap, and it transferred to the crib sheet. Spork wasn't sad, but enthusiastically claimed, "Fwoggie jumped!"

Speech therapy and soccer have been added to Spork's weekly schedule, and he is really jazzed about both activities.  I'm pretty jazzed that I have a few more adults in my personal arsenal to help wear out this busy boy.  It takes a village to make a 3yo tired enough to nap nowadays.

Spork really loves to color, and one of his favorite morning activities is creating works of art.  When given a coloring sheet, he likes to add a little dot inside each compartment.

As for myself, transitioning back to work this fall has been interesting.  The Nugget moaned over running out of his preferred type milk (mind you this darling family of mine demands 3 different types of milk) this morning, and I had to just shrug and say, "Sorry dude, I'm doing my best." I have to wake Tater to take her to the aftercare job, which always pains me to wake a dozing tot!  The crockpot is getting a workout, and Hubby is really chipping in to prep fruit and plate up dinners on my workdays, when he and Spork are the first to arrive home.  We have a sitter who can shuttle Spork home on my workdays when Hubby is out of town, though I have yet to face that hurdle since I've started working.  Overall, I have much more appreciation for my "stay at home" days now, and very grateful that I've had the option to be home for so long.

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