Saturday, May 30, 2015


 Bike to school week 2015

Tidbits from the Nugget:

(out of the blue) "I haven't been on very many simulators."

Me:  We have a new Netflix show that I think you will like.
Nugget: Is it (Bill Nye the Science Guy) non-fiction?
Me:  Yes
N:  Yeessss!! (fist pump)

We went to a college dance exhibition this spring, which inspired and delighted the Nugget.  Their flyer included the catchy phrase, "100% chance of dance," which the Nugget has been throwing around like candy at a parade.  "100% chance of yogurt for breakfast.  100% chance of me watching Magic School Bus today. 100% chance of me not brushing my teeth."

 Tater was originally posing for this shot spread-eagle cheerleader style but since Dora panties are not appropriate blog fodder, I requested that she cross her ankles.  Spork daintily demonstrated.

Spork is doing his change of season meltdown thang.  SPD makes it hard for children to accept minor changes; it makes them uneasy and puts them more apt to go into "flight or fight" response.  I am super thankful to have found a sensory parent support group as my own personal game-changer.  It is so encouraging to hear tips and stories from other parents who have been there, plus best of all, tales from parents who slogged through the toddler/preschool years and came out the other side with healthy, happy older children who can manage and verbalize their own sensory needs. 

In the meantime, the plus side of this seasonal change for Spork is that summer makes OT easy as pie.  Spork helped Daddy move bags of sand to the garage, we spend a lot of time at the playground, and water play is de rigueur in our backyard. Spork is full of silliness, stomping feet, and questions galore.
Tater first day of school Sept '14

Tater last day of school May '14

Tater is very musical.  She really wants to sing with the Nugget's choir, but she will have to wait 3 years.  In the meantime, she belts out "Uptown Funk" (possibly the cutest thing ever), has made up her very own song about a garbage truck (her new fear to replace 'panzees), and to my dismay, she loves the song "Somebody" and eagerly shouts out, "Shots, shots, shots!" when it's on the radio. Proud mama moment when the 3yo is yelling for shots, oops!

Tater is super attached, extra-sticky velcro style to me lately.  I love the cuddles, but I can't say that I won't be glad when she trades in this stage for the next thing.  It's hard to be so in demand sometimes ;)

Tater has also discovered the joy of art.  She used to just do run-by scribbles, and art time was really just an excuse to nibble play-doh and chomp on markers.  Now she proudly scrawls in a rainbow of hues and declares who the picture is for.  "This one is going to be beautiful.  I'm going to give it to Daddy."

We've finally figured out how to redirect Tater.  She has a big sense of humor and requires a lot of silliness to pull her out of foul moods.  I have some silly activities for her next airplane trip and will be honing my fake accents so her lovies, seat belt, and tray table can talk to her.  She often commands, "Fork/book/car, talk!" when she wants me to give it a silly voice.  She then proceeds to ask it what it would like to eat and where is it going to poop.  Priorities, man.

And what is this mama doing now that school is out?  My friend/co-teacher L and I will be offering some enrichment babysitting days.  I will be working on curriculum planning and student recruitment for our preschool next year.  I will be lugging our cooler to the playground on sunny days and will be covered in paint, playdoh and Pinterest projects on rainy days.  I will be holding down the fort while Hubby goes to work conferences.  I will be packing tons of suitcases for summer travel.  I will be teaching the Nugget the art of catching fireflies. I will be drinking too many iced coffees.  Here's to a balmy, magical, lazy summer!

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  1. Wishing you a fun, silly, relaxing and happy summer!! Very cute blog post😀❤️