Friday, June 5, 2015

Peace out, SY '14-'15

The Nugget's first day of 1st Grade.

 Nugget last day of 1st Grade - not entirely sure he wants a summer vacation.

Spork's first day in the 3's room - "nerv-i-cited" as the Nugget and Pinkie Pie would say.
Spork's last day in the 3's room.  4's room, are you ready
for Spork?!  Be afraid, be very afraid.

Tater's first day of preschool - in which I will try to refrain from pointing out the cuteness.

Tater's last day of preschool - slightly more devious at age 3 than at age 2.5.  Possibly even cuter to compensate for the deviant tendencies.
See you later, backpacks!  Welcome back, wading pools, popsicles, swimsuits, sandals, lemonade stands, and balloon animals!

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