Sunday, June 21, 2015

Some Father's Day Doozies

We had a pretty nice Father's Day this year.  We went strawberry picking then out to lunch at B-Dubs.  I asked the children if they could give Daddy nice restaurant behavior as part of their gift to him, and it worked for the most part!  On the way to the farm, Daddy was dancing in the car, which often makes them laugh or sometimes makes them groan. This morning, Tater begged him to stop dancing, and when he finally relented, she seriously quipped, "You should say sorry, Daddy."  Daddy also called something "nifty" and complained about song lyrics these days, so it all felt very scripted.

The Nugget was his usual interesting self, practicing his gargling/talking combo in the car.  Then he was determined to find the weirdest looking berries as well as the reddest ones.  He kept whispering to him, "Red perfection," when he found a really ripe berry. And of course, he had to use the photo opp at lunch. This kid keeps me laughing.

Spork was most delighted when we discovered that there were a few red raspberries to be had. We only had enough for one pint, which he desperately wanted to claim for himself.  He said he was going to eat four strawberries, but I think dozens more went down the hatch.  Most of Spork's time on the farm was spent wondering aloud when the tractor was going to come back for us.

Strawberries are Tater's all-time favorite fruit, so she was in strawberry heaven.  She ate a whole bucket of snap peas too, then starting playing with the bushel baskets, giving them names and taking them "shopping".


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