Saturday, June 27, 2015

That's Classy

Tater burped, and Spork responded, "Oh, that's classy!"

When trying to dissuade Spork to drink water from the local splashpad, I calmly explained, "Little kids sometimes pee in the splashpad, then the water goes down the drain and into pipes and shoots back up for you to play you shouldn't drink it."  He soaked in the information, then a grin grew over his face and he replied, "So I can pee in the fountain?!" Not the takeaway message here, Spork!
 (Spork also busted up both knees and keeps letting them heal, then picks the scabs off - ewww!  Sensory seeking behavior, I know, but does anyone have a solution other than buying stock in Neosporin?!)

While at the park, Tater noted a teenage boy and girl wrestling, flirting, and giggling. She said, "Why they doing that? I don't like that." I replied that's how teenagers act sometimes. She puffed out her little chest and declared, "Well, I'm never going to act like THAT."

The Nugget has this new sideways gallop, in which he slaps his his bottom with every step, as if encouraging a horse onward.

I love the springtime opportunity of open windows but I am not so sad that a/c season is upon us, because the Nugget's friendliness has come bursting out of said open car windows lately. "Whazzzuuuup?!" he shouted to some young twenty-something guys in a muscle car, their radio blaring, their car rocking. Horrified, Hubby and I awaited their reaction. They looked stunned for a second, then their tough guy masks crumbled into hysterical laughter and they screamed back, "Whazzzzuuup?!" They traded this nonsensical greeting back and forth all the way down the hill, and the Nugget was sorely disappointed when their car turned.  Another time, we saw a man smoking while jaywalking, and the Nugget rolled down the window to provide a helpful correction. I hushed him quickly, put the child window lock on, and tried to explain how when adults make sad choices, it is not our job to correct them. The Nugget fretted, "But he is making TWO sad choices!"

Cute mispronunciations:
Jamannas - pajamas
Skabetti - spaghetti
Wedge-able - vegetable
Dinanna- banana
Picpic - picnic

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